Brought to Life, LLC

Biomedical visualization
studio & design agency


Our mission is to transport your audience with dynamic visualizations that engage the visual cortex & bring biomedical discoveries to life.

Discoveries Brought to Life, LLC (DB2L) is an internationally recognized biomedical visualization studio & design agency. We create award-winning medical & scientific animation, illustration, and interactive media.

Drawing on decades of experience in medicine, science, and visualization, our productions are clear, accurate, visual explanations with distinct creative looks. We have a track record of producing award-winning work in collaboration with a diverse range of clients, including Nobel Laureates and Emmy-winning film directors.

Our approach to developing innovative biomedical communication solutions is theory driven. We forge long-lasting and vivid memories for your target audience through evidence-based narrative designs. In short, we bring discoveries to life.



Dynamic visualizations for film, broadcast, and research & development. We utilize learning theory and motion graphics principles to depict intricate visual narratives. Animations are particularly effective in conveying mechanisms across temporal and spatial scales.



Detailed still visualizations for print and online publications & advertisements. We develop unique styles for your projects using a wide range of media. From high complexity to more simplified depictions, we’ll ensure the goals for the intended audience are always achieved.


Scalable immersive user experiences developed with cutting-edge design methods. Ideas for animated projects can be translated into experiential learning opportunities. Particularly beneficial for comparing outcomes & exploring concepts in a self-paced manner.